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Chaps, I’m going on holiday today, so this will be my last Powder Picks for a couple of weeks. Please don’t cry. I promise to come back. My parting gift to you are these five fantastic products. I love them, team Powder love them and I really think you’ll love them to…

Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, £23.50

As soon as this landed on my desk, I grabbed a mirror and tried it out. First of all, contour sticks are really user friendly – it’s so much easier to draw along your cheekbone then dust a powder on with a brush. Second of all, it’s Hoola. Everybody loves Hoola. It’s what I learnt to bronze my face with. Admittedly, I went overboard in my uni days – I have since detagged myself from all pictures from 2008 – 2010, but it’s a well-loved classic. And this is sure to be another one. It looks super dark in the tube and I’m not going to lie it goes on dark too, but it blends so well that you can tailor it to the intensity that you want. I’ve been using my fingers to blend, but if I were you I’d grab a sponge.

Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray, £39

I have really long hair. It’s really long because I refuse to let hairdressers cut it. I don’t care that it looks bedraggled – I’m a huge fan of that look. If anything, I wish it were longer and even more bedraggled looking. But alas I think my follicles have given up and refuse to grow anymore. (It might have something to do with the bleach that I blast it with twice a year.) Whatevs, I love my long hair. The thing I don’t like is that my length is heavy and thus weighs everything down, which leaves my roots very very flat. At times I look like that girl from The Ring – if you’re too young to know about that movie, I suggest you Google it. So thankfully on days when the crown of my head is looking particularly flat I now have this. It’s a really fine powder (think icing sugar) that you spray into your roots, a little bit like dry shampoo, but rather than absorbing oil it adds grip and texture to the root. I section of bit of my hair and spray directly onto my head as best I can. I then roughly scrunch with my hands and voila – lifted, voluminous roots, as well as luscious long locks.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial, £6.04 (with a membership)

Beauty Pie is rather ingenious. It’s a members website that sells quality makeup and skincare at factory cost. The reason they’re able to do this is that they make their money from the £10 monthly membership fee. The products are made in the factories that some of the world’s most luxury brands are created in and could even be the very same formulations. Beauty Pie takes away any unnecessary weight, wrapping and boxing and applies it’s focused approach to their packaging, keeping it black and white with no frills. One of its stand-out products is this mask. As it says on the tin, it gets to work in five minutes flat. It’s packed full of glycolic acids, pomegranate enzymes, quartz and bamboo scrub grains and salicylic acid that rid you of dry, rough skin and leave you with a bouncy, smooth complexion. I use it before a night out or if I’m looking a bit grey and dull.

Kenzo World, £70 for 50ml

There was a huge buzz surrounding this fragrance way before it was available to buy. If you missed the hype at the end of last year, it all stemmed from the incredible four-minute film, directed by Spike Jonze, that shows actress Margaret Qualley dancing around a hotel in a fabulous green Kenzo gown. It’s pure magic. It’s like no other perfume advert you’ve ever seen before. We all fell in love with it, before we’d even smelt it. We’ve now smelt it and thank goodness we love the scent just as much as the clip. Created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdijan, the fragrance has been described as a ‘floral explosion’ with notes of peony and Egyptian Jasmine and it’s really quite addictive. And the bottle, in the shape of the famous Kenzo eye, is really quite cool. Ticks all the boxes.

Sensai Loose Powder (Translucent), £36

When I was given this I was told to get a glass of water, then shake as much of the powder into the glass, so that the surface of the water was completely covered. I was instructed to dip my finger into the water. I was told that when I withdrew my finger it would be dry, because the powder is so good at locking in moisture and absorbing oil that the water wouldn’t have been able to get to my skin. I’m always up for a challenge, so did as I was asked. By golly, it worked. Now whilst I don’t recommend that you conduct this experiment (I mean it’s £36 for goodness sake, I’m not mad.), I do recommend that you use it on your face. Because the whole point of that test was to show just how effective the powder is at preventing shine and making make-up last longer. Which is what everyone wants from their loose powder.

Ta ta for now. See you in two weeks. Don’t look at my Instagram if you get jealous easily.

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