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Skin Notes
Overdone the festivities?
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In our experience the season to be jolly often comes along with bouts of jolly bad skin - thanks to a few too many gorging sessions on chocolate and cheese, not to mention having made a bee-line for the mulled wine. So here’s our gift to you – a christmas proof guide to things that will fix a spot, soothe dryness and generally make skin look happier than a christmas elf– because blemishes don't help Christmas cheer now do they…

Buy a moisturiser over mince pies. When you're so hungover your face physically hurts it's so dry, you need to invest in a rich, emollient cream that will 'act as a barrier against further trans-epidermal water loss in stressed skin,' to quote our go-to facialist Cherry Woods. This is more important than the extra cocktail you didn't need at 2am. Putting a blanket of a cream on irritated, dry skin will soothe and allow the repair process to happen underneath it.

Fish oil tablets will save your life. Although it might make you want to gag at the thought, if your skin is dry and angry this is the answer. Here’s the science according to Cherry: 'When we drink alcohol, skin becomes flushed – this means that water is evaporating from capillaries. Making sure you’ve got a store of fatty acids will restore lost moisture from within, plugging leaks in capillaries and diffusing redness.' An extra little stocking filler is omegas, which will also make your hair and nails look glossy. Oh how we love thee…

Get creative. We failed yet again to make our own Christmas cake but next year it's going to actually happen. Ok, yeah, that year will probably never come, BUT, the making your own face powder goal is still very much in sight ladies.  Uber-facialist Nataliya Robinson suggests this to all her clients as a good detox. How to do it? “Just grind some rich or oats in a coffee grinder.” And blot…

Oh Chamomile - get under the mistle toe so we can kiss you. Sense a theme here? Yep, if anything mental is going on with your skin, try to soothe and heal. This is our favourite trick as suggested by Cherry to use on spots, which generally respond better to this than an aggressive attack (as any of you who’ve tried to squeeze a mountainous spot before a night out will appreciate). So, grab a bag of chamomile tea, dunk it in some water, pop it in the fridge until cool, and place it on said spot (or three) Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat morning and evening until that spot has gone.

We'll take our skin on the rocks. Or, rather, put some ice on your skin.  We got this one from Una Brennan, who assured us this is the best way to soothe puffiness – the flash of cold will encourage enhanced circulation to reduce swelling. Other things ice does well: takes a spot down (we alternate ice and chamomile), stimulates a glow, and makes tired eyes feel – and look – a lot less tired. One caution here: use ice for short bursts and  avoid it melting and swelling the skin further – you want to run it over your skin for a minute, max.

Step away from the bacon butty and start the day with lemon tea. As most skin woes in December are a result of loading up on unhealthy food and drinking too much booze, this tip may be the best of all. According to dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden MD, a daily cup of hot water and lemon will 'flush toxins from your body.' Cheers Doctor and thanks for your orders.

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