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The perfumes EVERY savvy fashion girl wears
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New year, new, well, everything? Some resolutions are easier than others to sitck to, but commiting to some spritz and slinking through the year smelling divine every day is an easy one to do. 

Now, EVERY fashion house has a perfume that, even if not new, has a limited edition gift set or body lotion to match. How do you possibly find ‘the one’?

Panic not. We’ve just the way to have you paired up to a scented soulmate by following what every savvy girl-in-the-know is after. Pop one of these on your wishlist list pronto.

Alexander McQueen Eau de Parfum

For you if…  you’re a vintage girl at heart who thinks scents should be fresh but still have depth. The tuberose and jasmine keep it light all day but there’s a slight peppery twist. We have yet to find someone who hasn’t liked it.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum

For you if…  you hate anything and everything generic. If something becomes a trend, you instantly start avoiding it. This perfume has the rare quality of smelling different on everyone. Woody and exotic floral notes feel like you are dressing up into a more confident, sophisticated version of yourself. A suit of armour to be worn daily. Plus, Gucci is having a nice moment and the bottle is aces. 

Bottega Veneta Eau Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

For you if… You love a piece of luxury on a budget – Bicester is your second home. This is the next best accessory to a BV handbag. Fruity and floral, it has a twist of suede that exudes style and expense. 

Mui Mui Eau de Parfum

For you if… you instagram every new beauty product you buy. This smells as sweet as it looks. Fresh florals like lily of the valley are blended with spicy, woody notes to add warmth. Has the tricky knack of appealing to both teens and adults so could be your lifelong soulmate.

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