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I ate just salmon for three days straight and this happened to my skin
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Sometimes, you need your skin to be on its best behaviour. Whether it’s for a wedding, your birthday, or heck, you just want to look mighty fine. But sod’s law means your skin tends to misbehave. They say you are what you eat and when it comes to skincare they might just be right, so why not try the Perricone diet?

What is it?

A diet created by dermatologist and nutritionist, Dr. Perricone. You eat at least two servings of salmon per day, for three days, along with other anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables.

What does it do?

Sticking to this meal plan for three days is said to reduce inflammation (a big trigger of wrinkles and acne), eradicate spots, lines and puffiness, while giving your skin more radiance and firmness.  


The meal plan

Wake up

Drink 250ml water (minimum)


3 egg omelette and/or 180-220g of grilled salmon

50g porridge

5cm slice of cantaloupe melon

Handful of berries

Drink 250ml water (minimum)


180-220g of grilled salmon (you can also used tinned salmon and mix with a bit of mayo and lemon)

Green salad with dark leafy vegetables (such as romaine lettuce and spinach)

Dress with virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon

1 kiwi or 5cm slice of cantaloupe melon

Handful of berries

Drink 250ml water (minimum)


1 apple

60g sliced chicken or turkey breast or 150-200g of natural yoghurt

Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds


180-220g grilled or canned salmon

100-150g of steamed vegetables (asparagus, broccoli and spinach are great.)

5cm slice of cantaloupe melon and small handful of berries.

Drink 250ml water (minimum)

Evening snack

Half an apple or pear

60g sliced chicken of turkey breast or 150-200g natural yoghurt

3-4 almonds or olives

Drink 250ml water (minimum)

Avoid: Coffee, juice, bread and smoked salmon (the salt content is too high. Sob.) Starchy root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Coffee is a big no no, so switch to black or green tea instead. While it’s not explicitly stated, you should probably avoid alcohol, chocolate and any sweet treats too.


The results

Day one

As a big lover of salmon, I was more than happy with the meal plan. It barely felt like a challenge. The only real adjustments were eating salmon for almost every meal and skipping out my beloved chocolate and peanut butter. I felt energised and didn’t go hungry at all.

Day two

I wasn’t expecting to see any results on day one, so I hoped that by the second day I’d start to see my skin improving. In actual fact, I was left a little miffed, as I woke up to a huge whitehead on my chin. However, my pre-existing blemishes were starting to look a little less red. But still, nothing amazing.

Day three

By this point I was officially sick of salmon and to be honest hadn’t seen the big change to my skin that I was expecting. Perhaps I was being too impatient, so I soldiered on. Even when I met up with a mate who ate a cupcake in front of me – cow. By the end of the day, my skin was a little less red, but nothing ground breaking.

My skin, however, was looking better than yesterday, with only a little redness. I also noticed my skin had more of a glow and seemed smoother.

Two days later, after I had finished the diet, however, something miraculous happened. I woke up in the morning and it was almost as if my skin had transformed overnight. My spots had gone, redness had faded and for the first time in ages my skin texture was even and smooth. And it was almost as if someone had lit a match underneath the skin’s surface, for I was aglow! My skin hadn’t looked this good in a long time.


The verdict

I’d really recommend this diet if you want your skin to be on its best behaviour for a special occasion. Have you got a big birthday coming up? Are you getting married next weekend? Start the diet about five days before the date you want your skin to look its best and you won’t be disappointed. However, this is only a quick fix. As soon as I returned to my normal diet, my skin was up to its usual tricks.

Pairing a diet with a great skincare regime is key too. Start off by taking our serum quiz to get a personalised recommendation for you skin. Why not give it a go below?

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