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> glossy hair you want or just that little bit of extra manageability, in this week’s Powder Beauty Awards, we talk all things hair. Here goes.


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Powder Beauty Awards - Haircare Part I
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It goes without saying that treating your hair right – a.k.a. using good shampoos, moisturizing conditioners and intensely nourishing and hydrating hair masks – pays real hair dividends. And whether it’s glossy hair you want or just that little bit of extra manageability, in this week’s Powder Beauty Awards, we talk all things hair. Here goes.


1st: Mane ‘N Tail Shampoo, £5.99 – I bet you’ve never shared a shampoo with a horse before, have you? This one can be used on both humans and one of our favourite four-legged compadres. And while that might put you off, know that it’ll leave your hair so shiny that you will never look back – if it can soften those wirey horse manes, your hair is absolutely no problem.

2nd: Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Ultra Violet Shampoo, £6.99 – If you’re platinum or just blonde, you probably already know that violet shampoos are your hair saviours as they tone your hair down to the cool, clean shade you had when you first got your colour done. This is one of the best we’ve found.

3rd: Kevin Murphy Young.Again.Wash, £22 – Contains 20 amino acids (the building blocks of hair) to strengthen, smooth and hydrate hair – expect supreme gloss after washing.


1st: Rossano Ferretti Grandioso Volumising Conditioner, £37 – We make no bones about the fact that Ferretti is the suavest, most impeccably dressed Italian man out there and his haircare line is perhaps even more suave than him. This conditioner is packed with nourishing ingredients, like Macadamia Seed and Avodcado oil, so will improve the appearance of hair over time while giving it an immediate boost – dullness, dryness and frizz will be gone in the drop of a hat.

2nd: Boots Fresh Coconut conditioner, £0.75 – It’s 75p. And it smells like the beach! And pina coladas! Get this in your shower ASAP.

3rd: Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner, £32 – A light, creamy conditioner that also smells of coconuts (dream). It’s silicon-free so great for curly hairs or angry scalps.


1st: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £31 – There isn’t one mask in this whole world that would be able to beat this Philip Kingsley number. Originally formulated back in the day for Audrey Hepburn to remedy her dry, over-styled hair post film-set, it’s great for every single hair type and after one use you can see such great results you’ll never look back. From added bounce and glossy shine to the softest and most manageable hair ever, this one has got your back. They say to apply to wet hair but it works just as well on dry hair – smother your whole head in it once a week and leave for twenty minutes.

2nd: Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector, £32 – An ingenious formula that has transformed the way hair colourists can bleach hair without damaging it too much, this at-home treatment helps reconnect colour-broken bonds in your hair to make it feel smooth and strong.

3rd: Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask, £38 – Hair feeling a bit dull? Want to boost that colour? Get one of these shade variation masks. Ash Brown is great on brunettes who want to add depth to their hair while Baby Blond has those violet pigments we talked about to take blonde hair back to the salon (without actually going there).


1st: Evo Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper, £19.95 – Australian brand Evo have as much GSOH (good sense of humour if you’re not down with the kids) as they do great products. The Icon Welder is a light mist that shields hair from heat and UV rays and it smells good, too. Just spray onto towel-dried hair.

2nd: Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield, £22 – Frizz is a thing of the past – even when you’re stuck in the rainforest - with this spray. It can be used on dry hair too.

3rd: Garnier Ultimate Blends Heat Protection Milk, £4.49 – A milk that protects hair from tongs and the like, as well as making it easier to detangle. Win win.

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