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In the Powder Room with Madeleine Loves
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As soon as a product lands on our desk we manically rip open the packaging and get testing in Powder detail. It's compulsive. So when we meet someone who shares our love for putting products through their paces we know we're in good company.  

Maddie says: ‘The beauty world at its best is when there’s a perfect combination of a product that bolsters confidence through enhancing/concealing/celebrating individuality - whatever floats your boat, and is a playful source of joy to work with. With that in mind my criteria is simple - I always look for a product that performs well and that gives me a little day-to-day thrill.'

Anything with that attitude causes our ears to prick up, so here’s what’s passed her test and can be found sitting proudly in her beauty drawer…  

By Terry Baume de Rose: ‘There is no other lip balm as far as I’m concerned. Slightly sheeny (but not sticky), smells of rose (but not cloying), and so moisturising that I’ve not once had cracked lips since discovering it.’

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: ‘This will cover ANYTHING without looking like you’re wearing lots of make-up; once on, it looks just like skin and it’d take a magnifying glass to see where concealer ends and unblemished skin begins.’ 

Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Quad: ‘I’d recommend any of Ford’s eyeshadow quads - there’s a pigment-dense, silky smooth shadow in the range for everyone - but this one just happens to make my eyes pop.’

RMK Brow Gel: ‘I wish to high heaven I didn’t need brow gel, but I have wiry, wild brow hairs that will not sit neatly without being strong-armed. This gel is the best I’ve found for the job.’

Troy Surratt Automatique Lip Crayon in P.O.C: ‘If I’m cracking out a red, this is it. Bright and irreverent, it lights up my skin and makes my teeth look white (which, by the way, is exactly what you can expect when you find the perfect red for you).’

For more inside beauty scoop visit Madeleine Loves.

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