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In the Powder Room with Ugly Face of Beauty
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Even with a whole beauty cupboard at our disposal, there are some problems that no amount of products can fix (oh to have more defined cheekbones and a straighter nose). That is when we lunge for our phones to urgently speak with industry experts so we can bring you the best advice to marry up with your products (which is hard – try getting through their receptionists with ‘I need help. My entire walk-in beauty cupboard hasn’t worked!’ We could slap ourselves). The fact is that beauty is skin deep. You’ve got to feed your body and learn to love the flaws (we're trying too!). Someone firmly on the side of body confidence is Gracie, founder of the refreshingly honest blog Ugly Face of Beauty.

Gracie says: ‘I’m not afraid to be open and show the ‘ugly’ side of my life – even if that leaves me open to vulnerability. I don't pretend everything is rainbows and fairytales – I stick to the real concerns girls have and that’s not always pretty. My philosophy on beauty has nothing to do with products or make-up, its about being confident and happy with who you are, barefaced and all. Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and just be you.’ 

Itching to know what’s in her Powder beauty drawer? Us too. This is a good one…

Mac Prep + Prime Fix +: ‘Every girl needs this in her makeup collection. It’s a really hydrating mist that sets your makeup in place so that it lasts. I use it throughout the day too when I need a little make-up refresh.’

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Hair Smoothie: ‘All my curly haired girls need this. Its the best product I've found to define my curls and add volume and bounce.’ 

Nivea Rich and Nourishing Body Moisturiser: ‘I love soft, smooth skin and my go-to body moisturiser is a classic Nivea. It smells incredible and makes my skin look and feel healthy. I apply it twice a day but once would do.’

Jurlique Skin Balancing Facial Oil: ‘Even if you have oily skin I really recommend adding facial oil into your skincare routine. I use this Jurlique one at night to lock in moisture and hydration so that my skin doesn't over produce its own oils. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it. Plus you only need a teeny tiny amount so it lasts for ages.’

Diptyque Baies Berry Candle: I have about five candles in every room of my flat - seriously. I’m candle obsessed! My bestie bought me this one as a little thank you gift and it smells so good. It smells of blackcurrant and roses - so perf.’

For more about the world of Gracie visit Ugly Face of Beauty

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