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The product that’s on every Beauty Editor’s desk
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You’re forgiven if you (understandably) think face mists are nothing more than expensive water. Often dubbed the most vacuous, flouncy beauty product around as, let’s face it, nothing screams rip-off more than a pricy bottle of ‘water spray’. However, peak at any Beauty Editor’s desk and you’ll almost always find a bottle of the stuff lurking between the pen pots and keyboards. 

So why are they so great and why should you spend your hard earned cash on one?

Power point 1. They’re anti-inflammatory (well some of them)

If you have a cooling spritz with chamomile you’ll make your skin a very happy bunny indeed. They calm skin down whenever things get too hot and flustered and keep redness under control. Excellent if you work out at lunchtime or are always legging it across town.

Power point 2. They’re masters of hydration

Face mists are amazing for when your skin starts to feel a little tight from being in the cold or pounded by air con. That’s why we keep a bottle on our desk to drip feed moisture into skin throughout the day.

Power point 3. They put make-up on lock down

You know when you think you’ve perfectly applied your make-up only to walk into an annoyingly bright room and you realise you’ve over-killed on the powder front and now look like you’ve got chalky skin? Spritzing face mist over make-up not only sets it (contrary to your intuition, it won’t wash it off), it also makes your skin look like real skin and keeps it fresh for longer. 

Power point 4. They’ve given toners the boot

Toners are great but you always seem to run out of cotton pads and then spend a week trying to remember to buy more. The nifty thing about face mists is that you don’t need any disposable equipment and they are packed with everything a toner has and more.

So how about it… Can we tempt you to try one? 

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