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Is it just us or can a trip to the hairdressers quickly turn into quiz show? Almost as soon as we take a pew, we rope our poor stylist into an involuntary Q and A session and interrogate them about all of our pressing hair woes, along with proudly remarking about the progress our strands have made since our last trip (all done whilst shouting over the hairdryers and speaking through the mirror in a bid to avoid a wonky cut).

So on our last trip to Nevilles’ Hair and Beauty salon, we asked the colourists and stylists if there was one particular question they get asked time and time again.

‘Oh that’s easy’, piped up Amie Wilson, Senior Colourist at Neville's. ‘I probably get asked ‘Am I loosing my hair’ about five times a day’. This was met by nods of agreement from the surrounding colourists. Even the stylist that popped down immediately said ‘it’s always to do with fine hair or thinning hair’.

So what’s the answer? Here are our top tips for dealing with thinning hair:

Feed your hair… with actual food. Supplements will help but they only ‘supplement’ your diet (makes sense really). If you’re lacking in protein and iron your hair will likely be weak and brittle which dramatically reduces its lifespan. Pop leafy greens and oily fish on your shopping list to bulk follicles up.

Exfoliate your scalp with a deep cleasning shampoo to gently remove dead skin cells (this will make it easier for hair follicles grow and anchor at the root) as well as removing product build up that weighs your hair down, stamping out any fullness.

Always massage in shampoo. If you can, do it for about 30-60 seconds as gentle massage boosts circulation to your scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth.

Go easy on the stylers. Heat weakens hair making it much more likely to break (not cool). If you can’t go without completely, turn down the heat and use a heat protector on hair to make it more resilient. Also a top tip from Amie Wilson, ‘Just like everything technical, hairdryers won’t last forever.’ Like your mobile phones, or laptops, there will be software updates per se and advancements making heat styling kinder on hair.

To book in with Amie or any of the team at Neville’s Hair and Beauty call (0) 20 7235 3654 or email.

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