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The reason why your teeth aren’t white
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Everyone has a beauty goal. For me it’s a spot-free complexion, for others, it might be effortlessly glossy hair, or, perhaps the perfect shade of red lipstick. But if there’s one thing everyone wants, it’s got to be white, healthy teeth. Who doesn’t want to be complimented on having amazing gnashers? Aside from a pricey whitening treatment, what’s the secret to a healthy white smile? It’s often overlooked, but it all comes down to your enamel.

The enamel is your teeth’s security cloak that protects the sensitive soft core from acid erosion. It’s the hardest substance in the body (half as scratch–resistant as a diamond, have you know) but it’s easily weakened. Thanks to our love of acidic foods (think wine, fruit, fizzy drinks – yes, all the good stuff) our enamel can easily crumble away – and the damage often goes unnoticed. Once this happens, your teeth can actually become yellower as the inner dentine layers become exposed. And it’s not only that to worry about either – enamel erosion warning signs also include transparent looking teeth, rough tooth surface texture and tooth sensitivity.

Like your skin, you only get one enamel in your lifetime, so it’s important to look after it. Once it’s gone – it’s gone. If, like me, you have noticed that your enamel is wearing a little thin, there are things you can do. I’d recently noticed that my two top front teeth were looking a little transparent around the edges, and while I’ve never had any major tooth troubles, I would like my teeth to be a little whiter and prevent any potential long-term damage.

My first port of call was switching to an enamel-restoring toothpaste. REGENERATE™ Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste (RRP £10) is clinically proven to help restore the enamel in only few days. The consistency is luxuriously thick and envelops your teeth in a velvety lather that’s rich in minerals that are naturally present in your enamel. When used every day, it helps to strengthen and fortify your enamel, restoring your pearly whites back to their former glistening glory.

To boost the restorative effects, I paired it with REGENERATE™ Advanced Enamel Serum treatment (RRP £30). It acts very much like a serum does for your skin by deeply penetrating to repair weakened enamel. You fill the supplied gum trays with the concentrated serum and activating gel and pop it on for three minutes for three consecutive days, once a month. It improves the effectiveness of the toothpaste by 43% (so it’s well worth doing if you’re serious about your dental health) and it reaches the areas in between your teeth that are tricky to reach. You’ll look a little freaky with the gum trays in, but you’re doing your smile a favour – so stick it out.

One month on, my teeth not only feel stronger and smoother, but they don’t appear quite as transparent around the edges either. And best of all, they look more uniform in colour and look much whiter as a result. The best part is that my teeth are now healthier – the whitening part is a bonus! The moral of the story? Look after your enamel, and it will look after you too.


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