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The right way to squeeze a spot
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Come on, admit it – fewer things in life are more satisfying than squeezing a big-ass spot to death. The problem is, after those three seconds of pleasure, you’re usually left with a scar and a couple of token surrounding spots from having your greasy mitts all over your skin. As much as we love a good squeeze, we’d still prefer clear skin.

But for those times when it’s all too temping to attack (we feel you – we’ve all been that girl hiding in the loo with a concealer compact at the ready), here’s the right way to do it…

  • Always have clean skin to start with (and hands). If you’ve got make-up on and squeeze, you’ll clog the pore immediately after with foundation debris - so clean the spot and the surrounding area.
  • Golden rule - only pop if the spot is white. And it needs to have completely come to the surface too. You might be desperate to get your paws on that one brewing underneath, but wait for it to fully develop or you’ll risk damaging the tissue underneath - oh hi scarring!
  • Ready? Ok hands are a no-no. Try to use cotton buds as the anchors to squeeze. If you’re out and about and can’t wait, wrap a bit of loo roll around your fingers – anything to keep you fingers off your face and spreading infection.
  • Aim to get right in there underneath the white head and push the pus to the surface rather than smothering your spot and gashing it. If after a couple of squeezes nothing comes out, leave it be. This little bugger isn’t ready to come out just yet. If you force it you’re more likely to get a scar.
  • Apply some purifying toner over the spot to make sure there is not dirt in the open wound whilst it heals. Try not to put any make-up on it, however red, oozy or tempting. You’ll just clog up the hole you just popped and end up repeating this whole process in a couple of days. Tie your hands behind your back and wear a paper bag on your head too if you have to. 

And that’s enough spot popping talk for today… 

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