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We know we’re not alone in forgetting to book in our root touch up appointments. That horrendous time when the inch of natural colour creeps ever further down your scalp to reveal your former self. If you’re naturally mousey, but prefer the bleached look, yours is the sorriest of states – only children of famous rockstars can honestly get away with re-growth and call it cool.

Alas, perhaps we ought just book in the next salon trip as soon as we’ve finished the last, but we’re not that organized. Who is? Thankfully, there’s alternative that we just can’t get enough of. Bumble and bumble, always at the forefront of listening to consumer’s needs, have just launched their Color Sticks. They look like crayons and have a similar chalkiness to them too. They come in five colours – golden blonde, dark blonde, red, brown and black – and cover all matter of hair issues: roots and greys. It’s a bit like playing paint by numbers on your barnet – just colour in the bits you want to camouflage. Simple. The teeny pencil shape means that you can really get into your roots and make sure no rogue strand is left.

It’s only a quick fix, as it lasts until your next shampoo, but golly what a complete genius product that we’ve been crying out for. Bravo Bumble, take a bow.

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