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The rose gold highlighter that's flying off shelves everywhere
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We’ve become beauty brats. And we’re not proud of it. Everyday all the latest beauty products land on our desk and we’ve become v. spoilt. For a brand to really stand out from the pack, it has to blow the other 194 products we received that day out of the water – and it’s a tough pack.

Recently, this fancy new highlighter didn’t just blow the other products out the water  - it blasted them into an entirely new stratosphere altogether. The Original Cover FX Customer Enhancer Drops were regular sellouts but there are new shades - our favourite being Rose Gold. It basically looks like you’ve melted your rose gold bangle and bottled it. Pure heaven.

Drop into foundation, primer, moisturiser – all liquid products really - to create a pearl effect over skin. Keep experimenting with the number of drops until you’re totally happy with the about of glow you’re getting. Formed with a high concentration of pearls (which explains the finish) it’s not in the slightest bit sparkly – more copper and has skin looking like the picture of health in seconds.

Friends will beg you to borrow it but this is one of the few products we think it’s ok to remain a brat and say ‘IT’S MINE ALL MINE’. 

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