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There comes a time in life when you really need to take stock and rank every product in your beauty hoard. For me, the time for ranking the scrubs is now. We’re on the brink of autumn, the seasons are a-changing, and this means that most skins get a little dry, a little flaky and a lot dull. And for that, you need a body exfoliant. Get a good one – and by good I mean oil-based – and you cover all bases.

The need to know

The scrub that ranked number 1 on my extremely comprehensive list is The Sanctuary’s brilliant Salt Scrub. After all, how many products under £15 (it’s £13) come in a big, glass kilner jar (the ones you use to make jam) that looks as expensive as its contents feel on skin. Just the weight of it says buy me now.

Why is it so good? Well, the scrub is made up of soothing dead sea salts, and extra nourishing sweet almond oil that leaves an indulgent-feeling film when it’s washed off. Put simply, it’s really good for skin and will revive sad legs/arms/torsos immediately.

These were made for Sunday night baths or pamper evenings - rather than your average morning shower - because they the veil of oil left behind really needs to be slept in, rather than sitting on skin and sticking to clothes during the day.

How to use it

To really slough off dead skin cells and the grey veil that comes with them, scoop a big handful and massage from the tips of your fingers and toes, inwards, towards the heart. This way, not only do you get the (external) skin benefits but you also stimulate the (internal) lymphatic system, which shifts out the body’s toxins. Skin will look clearer, more radiant and infinitely smoother.

And for those with a lower pain threshold or that want to scrub a little more sumptuously, do the same on damp skin - it’ll help lock in moisture too.

Where you can find it

Boots & The Sanctuary’s website.

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