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The secret to smudge-proof eye make up
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Up there with spotting lipstick on your teeth or a dodgy foundation line (yikes) in the loo mirrors; mascara dotted along your eyelids or flaked on the top of your cheeks is a strong contender for the ‘Most Cringey Beauty Moment’ award.

We’ve all been ‘that’ girl and come to think of it we’ve all been the colleague/ acquaintance that’s just desperate to launch in with a face wipe and clear up the smudges but instead just leaves it. Blurting out ‘You’ve got mascara on your face’ is about as awkward as saying ‘Your skirt’s in your knickers’ - instead we stick to silent ignorance. Super.

A friend that will save us from beauty shame though is Janine Bird, Smashbox’s National Make Up Coach. If anyone knows how to get make-up to last and behave itself it’s her.

Golden Rule: We hadn’t thought of this but Janine reminds us to ‘make sure your eyelashes and eyelids are free of any residual make-up from the day before as it can stop the fresh make-up sticking to the skin properly’. Hello panda eyes!

Step 1: Eye shadow (whatever the finish) has a tendency to wriggle around and crease. Always use an eye primer (or a regular concealer will do the trick if you don’t have one) to keep everything in place. ‘It’s like an insurance policy’ explains Janine, ‘I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without mine on.’

Power tip: ‘Lift the brow so the eyelid is taught before you smooth on a primer.’ It works a bit like poly-filler to make sure anything going on top next has a flat surface.

Step 2: Invest in a deeply pigmented eye shadow that’s finely milled. What beauty gibberish, I hear you cry? It basically just means ‘the particles are small enough to be buffed into the skin’ according to Janine. If, like us, you’re about to ask ‘How do you know which eye shadows are like this?’ she continues, ‘Rub the eye shadow surface with your finger and rub it onto the inside of your forearm/wrist (the skin is more like your eyelid here than the back of your hand). If the colour looks as rich as it does in the palette then it's probably fair to say the pigment density is where it should be.’ Or in short just swerve anything gritty or granular.

Step 3: Kit yourself out with the right tools for the job. ‘Press your eye shadow into place on the eyelid (this will keep the pigment rich in colour and also help to stop fallout under the eye too) then, using a fluffy brush, buff the product in to create a smooth, seamless blend between colours.’

Step 4: With mascara, Janine explains it’s all in the prep - ‘Spend a couple of seconds prepping lashes (to dodge continuous touch ups) by popping on the new Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer. It makes lashes looks a bit like they’re coated in tipex but it’ll give your mascara something to grip hold of’. Then apply one of the full-proof mascaras from the Smashbox #LASHESWITHOUTLIMITS range and it’s see you later to flaking and smudging. We won’t miss you.

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