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There are 3,000 people on a waiting list for this product
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If you haven’t heard of Cultbeauty.co.uk, then we really must insist that you stop reading this article right now, open a new tab and copy and paste it in. Have a look around and then come back and join us. Go.

Welcome back. Isn’t it wonderful? A site dedicated to finding and selling the best-loved products from around the globe, which is often ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty trends. It’s no wonder that they stock products that people fall in love with and will do anything to get their hands on.

Which brings us to the product that they’ve recently struggled to keep in stock: Immunocologie’s Vital Clay Mask. It sold out recently and people were so desperate to get their own, that a 3,000 waiting list quickly took hold. 3,000 people. For a mud mask. Well, not just any mud mask. The natural-beauty brand’s mask essentially draws out all the crap that your skin is holding onto and replaces it with nourishment. It’s thanks to the combo of raw French green clay (excellent for deep cleaning, brightening and evening out skin tone), antioxidants and essential minerals.

Not only does it rid your pores of any grime, hydrate skin to within an inch of its life, reduce the look of wrinkles, but it can also be used on the body, cuticles, soles of the feet and ends of the hair. No wonder people are going so nuts. They managed to restock, only for the mask to sell out in under a week again. 3,000 people can’t be wrong, can they?

Luckily for you, they’ve just had a delivery of more...

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