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Three of these are sold every minute in France
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There are multi-purpose products and then there’s Avene Thermal Spring water.

Imagine a product that reduces redness and irritation; soothes and protects post-surgical wounds; sets and refreshes makeup; can be used as a toner; relieves sunburn; cools warm skin at the gym and in the sun; and calms skin after hair removal. Guess what? You don’t have to imagine it, as that’s exactly what Avene’s water does.

Some would say that face mists are pointless, a waste of money, perhaps even pretentious, but the French would very much disagree. And so would we. Three of these are sold every minute in France and with good reason. The Avene Thermal spring water has been declared of ‘Public Interest’ since 1874, because of how gentle the water is. It has a low mineral, neutral pH composition, which is constantly controlled, meaning that it’s ultra soothing and doesn’t irritate skin. There’s even a spa in the little village of Avene, which people flock to, for help with skin ailments. It’s not feasible to make regular trips there, but thankfully they’ve bottled it! It comes in three different sizes: 50ml (for your handbag), 150ml (for your desk) and 300ml (for your suitcase) and start at £3, with the biggest one £13. Still feel skeptical? Shame on you.

What are you waiting for? Buy one yourself and try it out…

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