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The lip liner that is sold every two mins
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Snogging is marvellous isn’t it?! We’re big fans of a good ol’ pash session. We also like drinking cappuccinos and regular glasses of wine. Rather annoyingly all of these things can cause lipstick to bleed. You can spend a good five minutes perfecting the ultimate red lip for the edges to smear before you’ve even got to your desk.

So THANK GOD that one of Sephora’s bestsellers is now available in the UK for us all to enjoy. Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips, £12.50, is a wax based invisible liner that you trace your lips with before using lipstick or lipgloss. Once this is on there no chance of anything budging – it’s waterproof, smudge proof and lasts for 5+ hours.

*please note that if it’s some serious kissing that you’re engaging in then no lip liner will stop your lippie spreading all over yours and his face*

So what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of thousands of other people who are converts to this lip liner.

What are you waiting for?Buy it now

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