` The clever skincare booster with an SPF50 for supreme sun protection
The skincare booster that protects you from the sun
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Occasionally a product comes along that makes life much easier and a lot more fun. The inner scientist in us is going wild for Dr Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops, which come in a pipette bottle for the very best in DIY skincare.

The idea is to add a few drops (three is best) of this SPF50 fluid to your daily moisturizer or foundation to protect against skin’s greatest enemy – the sun. Forget the veil of white paste that’s common in SPF products; you won’t get that with this.

It makes applying SPF easy, so you’ll use it more. And the more you use it, the better your skin will look thanks to the raft of great ingredients in the formula (like the sugar, Beta Glucan, which helps cells regenerate and hydrating and plumping Hyaluronic Acid). If you’re not a foundation or cream kinda girl, then just apply it as a serum and bask in the glory of being someone who actually wears an SPF.

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