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THE skincare secret…
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It’s time to ‘fess up. Dermatologists, Beauty insiders, Editors are keeping a beauty tip up their sleeve, but we feel it would be better for everyone if we just let the cat out of the bag. We’re done with secrecy. There’s a product in many a beauty expert's bathroom cabinet that’s so coveted, they live in constant fear of someone nabbing it.

So here goes, we want to tell you about Cetaphil and specifically their wondrous fragrance and soap free cleanser. So kind to your skin, it’s been given the green light by dermatologists. But it’s not just totally brilliant for unstable skin, it’s a smashing skincare product for everyone. 

 They say you can use it to take off your makeup, but we like to use it as the second part in a double cleanse. First we remove any makeup, next we work our Cetaphil cleanser into a dry face then remove it with a damp cloth. It wipes away the day’s proverbial stresses and grime. Its formulation also encourages the strength of your skin’s structure, which leaves your skin looking at its absolute best, perky and bright. If you fall into the oily category, then hooray for you - there’s now one aimed specially for oily skin. It removes excess sebum, but doesn’t dry the skin out.

It doesn’t come in a hand-blown glass bottle designed by an architect, it doesn’t cost half your pay cheque, but like a breton top or a trusty pair of Converse, it’s well priced, good quality and endlessly reliable.

Oh and there’s even more to our little secret. The makers of Cetaphil have picked up on how much of a good thing we’re all on to, so have brought out, drum roll please…a bigger range of products that includes body. Yes, friends, it’s true – an extension of stuff for our arms, legs and tummies. The moisturising body lotion is light enough to whack on before you slip on your tights, while their deep rich moisturizing face and body cream works wonders to soothe cracked dry wintery skin - slather it on before bed. True to form they’re both fragrance and soap free - so won’t give you a scent boost, but will transform your skin without irritation – lovely. 

Now you’re in the beauty know, we don’t want the whole world to know about it. What if they can’t keep up with the demand? What if when we go to buy more, there’s no more? Actually, that’s a really good point. Forget we told you anything.


CET17-02-0075 Date of preparation: February 2017

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