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Powder On The Pulse
The skincare secret that’s in your freezer
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Given that its winter, the idea of rubbing ice all over your face isn't very appealing. But whip out the bag of ice from the freezer that's nestled between the chips and the peas, because cryotherapy is going to be the coolest trend of 2017 (pun totally intended).


What is it?


Cryotherapy, or ice therapy to you and me, is the process of using ice to treat a multiple of problems. The application of ice is used to help burn away unwanted fat cells, relieve pain, and even destroy cancerous cells. What’s more, applying ice to your face can be really good for your complexion too. This isn’t a new concept - Catherine the Great of Russia famously used to rub an ice cube over her face and neck every morning. Why? Because it’s said to give you beautiful, flawless skin.


What does it do for your skin?


Apparently, rubbing ice on your face can reduce puffiness, calm and tighten skin, lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles and give skin a glow. Not bad for a lump of frozen water. Intrigued, we tried out Jalue's cryotherapy set to see what all the fuss was about.


Jalue’s method is slightly different to the original ice cube. With this you brew some snazzy herbal infused tea, once cooled you then decant the liquid into a silicone ice pop container (think Callipo ice lolly) and pop it in the freezer. After cleansing your skin (and before applying serums or moisturisers), squeeze the ice up out of the silicone holder and rub it gently all over your face. You get four teas, each lasting a week, so it sets you up for the month.


Does it work?


After a couple of uses in the evenings, I definitely noticed that my skin looked brighter and my niggling spots were less noticeable the next morning. Holding it for a few seconds on inflamed spots aided in reducing swelling and redness – winner. It can be a little messy as the ice melts, so do it over the sink or have a flannel on standby. If you have super sensitive skin, place a muslin cloth over the ice to make the process gentler - holding it against your skin for too long can actually aggravate your skin even more, so go easy.


What's more, it also gives you that effect you get after you've been out in the cold for a brisk walk - I could feel my circulation kicking in and everything felt a bit tighter and brighter. Pores we're definitely less noticeable and my face felt better equipped to drink up my serum and moisturiser. On a side note, it works a treat on a hungover face too.


So each evening, on your way to the kitchen to grab a Netflix snack, whip some ice out of the freezer and rub it over your face. Your skin will thank you for it.


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