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The skincare step that’ll save you money
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You’re kidding, right? Was our first reaction to finding out there is now another new step to cram into our already oversubscribed skincare routine. We’re currently spending more time washing, buffing, scrubbing, moisturising and spritzing our faces a day than we do scrolling through Instagram (which is a lot – have you checked out @thebodycoach?). So are we to believe we actually need (have to have, totally crucial, can’t live without) another step?

The difference with this one is it’ll save you money. Yes, really! We know what you’re thinking – how can spending money on a new product save? It’s more that the products you’re currently forking out for every month (your fancy pants moisturiser and serum) aren’t working as well as they could and so you’re wasting the hard earned cash you’ve spent on them. Gulp.

Enter, the beauty booster or ‘pre-serum’. It focuses on the top layer of skin because why waste all your money on the deeper layers if you forget completely about the upper layer? Elizabeth Arden just launched their Superstart Skin Renewal Booster and gave us the lowdown on how it works…

First things first, what the hell is a beauty booster?

More or less does what it says on the tin – it boosts your skin and the other products you’re using so they work better.  Basically the stratum corneum (techie name for the surface of the skin) works like a barrier to protect the deeper layers – if that’s damaged then all those really expensive serums and oils can’t actually get past it to make a difference to your skin. Seriously bad news for the bank balance. Enter a beauty booster…

How does this chap work?

On the surface of our skin we have microbiome (another techie term – just means a network of good and bad bacteria). When these become imbalanced and the barrier breaks down you get a whole host of skin problems (sensitivity, acne, redness, wrinkles, to name just a few). What this booster does is maintain a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria so skin is at its strongest and works at its optimum.

Where does this step fit in?

Squeeze it in after you’ve cleansed and toned but before your serum and moisturiser.  

Walk this way…

Acne, redness, ageing and sensitivity suffers… This is about to rock your world.

Now for the results (drum roll please…)

What you’ll notice straight away: We found pores looked smaller and smoother and our whole face was much brighter and perkier.

What you can expect over time: Any skin problems we had 1. Didn’t flare up so badly and 2. Were much less frequent. Think of it like a multi-vitamin that keeps skin healthy and immune.

We don’t know about you, but our bank balance is chuffed! 

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