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Skincare tips for young skin
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Younger skin. It’s what everyone wants, right? Wrong. As you get older your reminisce back to the years when wrinkles weren’t a stubborn enemy, but it seems that our older counterparts have their rose tinted specs on. With our hormones flying all over the place plus exam/ work/ boy stress (delete as appropriate) skin has A LOT to cope with.

As we do with all our skincare woes, we immediately dial Nichola Joss, celebrity facialist supremo who names all the Kates (that’s Moss, Blanchett and Winslet – FYI) as her clients. If anyone can whip our stressed out skin into shape it’s her. And breathe.

Step away from the products! The best thing you can do with young skin is to leave it alone as much as possible. From being a teenager up to 23 years old your body is changing. Your hormones are imbalanced and you’re probably a bit (okay, a lot) stressed. Your skin is basically in overdrive. This all adds up to your skin changing very quickly. So stick to a really simple, easy routine. Just cleanse, exfoliate (when you need to) and moisturise.

Make SPF your bae. If you do nothing else, use a sun cream. This will push back the ageing process in the long run. Foresight is a powerful thing, ladies!


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Keep it clean. If you live in the city or you’re travelling on buses or public transport it’s so important to keep your skin clean. Cleansing properly and exfoliating to get rid of topical grime and dirt is essential. Make sure to use a wash cloth to really get your cleanser off too. Boring, but oh so true.

Gently does it. Be gentle with young skin and use the most natural and organic products that you can. It really is that simple.


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Don’t peak too soon. You don’t need to start looking into anti-ageing products until you’re in your late 20s. Your skin doesn’t need ingredients that are designed for skins that are starting to mature. It can actually make your skin worse as you’re overloading it with ingredients that it doesn’t need. Skin gets confused when it’s bombarded with products so you can get bumps, spots and blemishes.

Next up, find out what kind of spots you have (and how best to treat them)...

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