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The smart girl’s guide to festival beauty
The smart girl’s guide to festival beauty Image Credit:

We've all been there, haven't we? Hiding under a soggy tent from the driving rain, whilst trying desperately to apply a fake eyelash with a pair of streaky tanned hands.

Well, we've learnt our lesson the hard way and this year we're more than prepared. So forget the miniature dry shampoo, instant tan and baby wipes and do all your prep before you go. Follow our smart girl's guide to festival beauty for the simplest (and easiest) way to look great all weekend.

The tan

We always turn to tanning expert St Tropez, who hasn’t once failed us. Brand ambassador and perennial festival-goer Kate Moss always uses the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse at home before the event. It normally lasts between 4-7 days (depending on the individual). Regular moisturising will make it last longer but tanning expert Nichola Joss advises: 'Avoid moisturisers containing oil as these will make your tan fade unevenly and more quickly. Aloe vera based moisturiser works best.'

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, £9.99 for 50ml, available nationwide. If you struggle applying fake tan yourself, you can book in for a professional treatment - visit www.st-tropez.com.

The eyes

Don’t be that girl at the end of the night with one eyelash half way down her cheek. Sort yourself out with some extensions the week before to give yourself time to get used to them. They are an investment at £120 but well worth the money. Lasting between two to three weeks, and properly tailored to your lashes, they not only look much more natural than other falsies, but are really comfortable to wear. We recommend Shavata 5D lashes. 

To find your nearest Shavata studio, or to book, visit www.shavata.co.uk. Prices range from £120 for a full set, £80 for a half set and £65 for refills.

The hair

By the end of a festival, hair has so much dry shampoo, beer and rain in it that it looks like lank straw. The best thing is to braid it all back off your face and just leave it there for the whole weekend. We love the Hershesons Braid Bar that’s collaborating with Topshop until 30th August. A super cool style like the ‘Carlam II’ or ‘The S’ is perfect.

To find your nearest Hershesons braid bar, visit www.hershesons.com/braidbar. Prices start from £15.

The manicure

We have no time for cheap manicures that chip before you've even left the salon, let alone after having trekked three miles across a field carrying a tent. So this year, bite the extra expense and book in for some gels. We recommend Biosculpture, which lasts for up to three weeks. The pre-treatment polish acts as a vitamin shot to feed your nails before the gel is applied. The gel then lasts longer and nails aren’t brittle and breaking when you take it off. Just make sure you have your make-up and outfits planned first so that your shade matches.

Biosculpture Manicure, available nationwide, from £25. www.biosculpture.co.uk.

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