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> Clarins told us to try it in the reverse. Start dark and smudge it down into smoky heaven. Don’t fret."/>
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This smoky eye tip will blow your mind!
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Just when you think you know everything there is to know about how to get a smoky eye you hear a new tip that blows everything else off your dressing table. That’s right ladies, shake up time. Usual process equals: start light and build up the intensity with darker shades or shimmers. That was until the clever peeps at Clarins told us to try it in the reverse. Start dark and smudge it down into smoky heaven. Don’t fret. It’s not as scary as it initially seems.

Step 1: Use a kohl pencil (get your mitts on the Clarins Crayon Kohl as it’s super soft and blends easily) and scribble over your whole eyelid up to the crease. Yes, this feels weird and, yes you will initially look like you’ve been attacked with face-paint. But what’s great about using the kohl as a base is the waxiness has excellent grip for eye shadows to stick to and it won’t crease either.  

Step 2: Next up, eye palettes. A common mistake most people make with smoky eyes is that they go for black and greys. Standard. Actually, depending on your eye colour you can really push the boat out here. Blue-eyed gals look great with light browns and shimmering golds, whilst pinks and purples really flatter green eyes. If you’ve got brown eyes just about any colour will suit you (lucky things). If you have grey eyes, silver or plum accentuates your shade.

Now we’ve got the colour down, take the darkest shade in the palette (we’re using the Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette, which is super easy to blend without compromising on the colour pay-off) and sweep over your base to add intensity.    

Step 3: Take one of the lighter shades and stroke it along the crease of your eye socket towards the outer corner - to brighten and widen eyes.

Step 4: Highlight the inner corners of your eye with the lightest shades to shed light on tired shadows that give away your lack of beauty sleep.

Step 5: For a finishing touch get your kohl liner back out and pencil along your top lash line for added definition. Then wiggle mascara into the roots of your lashes and pull through to the tips. The new Clarins Supra Volume Mascara has just the bushy brush for this and won’t clump or flake either. Boom.


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