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SO fruit can make you fat
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We were shocked when Brad and Jen divorced (still not over it), when we first clapped eyes on Zellweger’s unrecognisable face and the Charlie Sheen HIV scandal, but even the Hollywood threesome hasn’t caused as many gasps as hearing that fruit makes you fat. True story.

Callum Melly, commonly dubbed the UK’s leading personal training expert (you may have seen the rather strapping topless image of him on the cover of Men’s Heath – we’re talking major 8 pack) explains, ‘Fruit isn’t ‘bad’ for you but it can cause problems when you consume it at the wrong time of day’. Immediately I probe deeper as I didn’t ever realise there was a correct time. We’ve had it drummed into us (repeatedly) that we should be eat fruit all day, everyday, for life.

Apparently not. ‘Fructose (the sugar in fruit) can only be stored by the liver, which is tiny, so once it is at max capacity (which is the equivalent of 3 glasses of orange juice) the surplus gets stored as fat.’ Yikes.

‘The best thing to do is to eat fruit in moderation’, explains Melley. ‘A common mistake people make is following their workout with fruit. As it is only stored in the liver, it doesn’t get burnt up by your muscles post work-out but will give you a spike of energy (which if isn’t used will fester into fat).’   

Here are the main fruit regulations:

DO eat with breakfast. ‘Fruit with a low GI (which means they drip feed you energy rather than a burst) like berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries – any berries) are best’. As you are going great guns in the morning it gives a slow release of energy and won’t sit in your liver.

DO eat fruit before a workout (never after). ‘About 15 minutes before you start is the perfect time. Then depending on what workout you do, tailor your fruit. An banana will give a spike of energy so great before a intense session whereas a apple is a slow burner if you are going to an endurance session.’

DO eat stodgy carbs and protein after a work out to replenish muscles. As fruit can only be absorbed by the liver, it’s futile munching and can be counterintuitive after your gym session if you don’t burn it off straight away.

DON’T panic and cut fruit out completely. They contain essential vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy and your skin, young. 

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