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So we’re having water therapy now?
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The thing we love most about our jobs as Beauty Editors is it’s always impelling. No two days are the same and for a bunch of beauty junkies like ourselves we thrive off the new treasures we’re spoilt with. So when an email with the subject line ‘NEW treatment therapy’ pinged into our inboxes, we double clicked in a nanosecond. And what was it? Aquatic Therapy.

First question - is this in a horrible public pool that would require us to strip down into a bikini and jog on the spot under-water? Nope, that’s a negative to all of the above. If you love anything spiritual you’ll love this.  It’s a relaxing treatment, in a private pool that gives you blissful mindfulness and a solid night’s sleep. We’re intrigued and plough on.

The basis off the treatment is essentially floating (don’t freak out you’re supported). The reason being that when you’re suspended in water, the weightlessness allows muscles to totally relax, as they don’t have to support your body. You’re then guided into a series of (gentle) waves that encourage spinal elongation – the instructor doesn’t let go of you here so you’re always in safe hands. Gentle twists, dynamic motion or yoga-like stretching then follows. It’s like nothing you’ve tried before, and apart from how innovative this is, it has a hefty number of benefits too.

We bombarded Aquatic Specialist for the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, Steve Karle like hyper school children with all of our burning questions…

P: What does water therapy actually do?
It’s basically the water alternative to a massage. Your body isn’t constricted by a table meaning that you have freedom to stretch and wriggle around. If you go to the gym (or just during every day life, actually) your body gets used to repetitive movements but when you’re in the water it moves freely and unconsciously. This is what you need to achieve in order to fully relax.

P: Should you feel immediate results?
It’s dependant on the person but often yes. I start each class with a postural movement (basically just sitting up really straight), which for most can feel quite unnatural. I repeat the movement at the end of the session and most people remark on how centered and poised it feels. It’s important to note here that this is a journey, so like yoga, repeated sessions will make a difference – mainly to your state of mind.

P: After hearing about how relaxing it is, we’re worried about falling asleep in the water and drowning! Are you supported?
You’ve got floats attached to you so not a chance! Most people do actually fall asleep but the instructor will always have your head supported so you’ll never duck under – don’t panic.

P: What if you can’t swim?
The pool is only 1.2 metres deep so you can always touch the bottom if you want too. It’s basically a giant paddling pool. No swim caps or front crawl involved.  

Fancy a go? For reservations please contact the Akasha Spa team directly on 0207 406 3360 or via email.

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