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If thicker hair is your goal, you’ve probably tried just about every product that promises to lift, volumise and add body you can get your hands. Frankly we can’t go more than about five minutes without pausing for zhush.

But what if the answer lies outside a bottle? Intrigued. A good haircut is the quickest, most effective way to thicker hair and won’t wash out in the shower either. Flat hair is a bit of an Eeyore – hanging its ears and looking generally gloomy so any extra weight from long hair will drag it down.  Instead we suggest a ‘lob’ (long bob) which is chopped to sit between your chin and collar bone. With the bulk and scraggly ends chopped off, hair will have more lift, bounce and life than Tigger if we continue with the A.A.Milne analogy. 

If you’re brave enough here’s how to shape your lob to suit your face shape:

Heart shaped:

Lob’s really suit heart shaped faces as they soften your defined jaw line – particularly when styled neat and straight.


Avoid having your hair in a center part as it gives the illusion of a wider forehead and cheeks; instead sweep it to the side to elongate your face. Straight hair is another no no too as it will only emphasise the roundness so add some texture either with styling tools or a layered cut if you’re brave enough.


Shaping hair round the face or even going all out with a fringe will add more dimension and structure to your face. 


Angular faces need hair to be slightly softer and more textured to not look like a stark contrast to the shape of your jaw. Especially when hair has a blunt cut. Textured layers are the most flattering.  

Off you trot, down to the salon… 

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