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Skin Notes
The spicy tea that calms sensitive skin
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Seems like a bit of a brain boggler if you ask us. We’re told time and time again that if you have sensitive skin to dodge anything spicy in the same swift side step you’d do if you spotted an ex-boyfriend walking towards you. But it turns out that some of our red-hot friends are actually calming our flare-ups.

After speaking to A-list Facialist Abigail James, we discovered a rather interesting tea she makes herself every morning in order to keep her skin cool, calm and collected. Before you panic, we’re not talking about jalapeño chilies here (although it would sure make our morning coffee kick feel more like a gently stroke in comparison). Instead these age-old spices hold some pretty surprising skin benefits… 

Hot water: breaks down the toxins and fat in your gut, plus you need something to wash down the spices, right?

Turmeric: has its eye on bacteria and always comes out on top.

Liquorice: an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that not only soothes redness and flare-ups but also helps calm skin, and calmer skin heals faster. It’s also super hydrating and traps moisture in to prevent sensitive skin from drying out (which it often does).

Cinnamon: double threat of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It lessons the impact of blood sugar spikes, so if you do have that mid morning slice of cake the inflammatory impact of sugar won’t be half as bad.

Ginger: another anti-inflammatory winner.

Cayenne pepper: flushes out toxins by encouraging regular number twos.

Well that’s a change from our usual brew with a digestive – who’s giving it a go with us? Tweet us @thisispowder to let us know how you get on… 

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