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Skin Notes
The spooky skincare ingredient we’re obsessed with
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Mutated skeleton make-up? Practised. Leotard with bones and fake blood? Sorted. Pumpkin face cream? Huh?! What the hell is that?

Yes, we’re all up for a spook-fest this weekend but if you don’t want to walk around looking like a descendant of the Grim Reaper, you can slather on a pumpkin face mask or mosituriser instead. So whilst you’re busy carving triangle eyes (or something far more fancy – Google 'pumpkin designs', you’ll be amazed at the art work) into your pumpkin, remember it turns out our big orange pals do more than stand as a handy tea-light holder.

Pumpkin seed oil is in fact a killer skincare ingredient (no this isn’t a trick - it’s a total treat). Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that work hard to boost the skin’s moisture levels and brighten the gloomy grey colour skin turns when you’re over-tired.

But it doesn’t stop there - here’s what else it tackles:

If you’ve got sun damage you need it. Rich in vitamin A and C, it helps repair damage from free radicals. Georgie Cleeeve, Founder of Oskia Natural Skincare explains, ‘When you ferment pumpkins with good bacteria it breaks down the enzymes which maximizes absorption AND increases the extent the body can use the vitamins.’ Not just a pretty (read: scary) face then…

It’s brilliant for acne sufferers. It’s the skin of the pumpkin that is particularly good for blemish-busting. Often found in toners or masks, it soothes inflammation, tightens pores and balances oil to not only soothe the spots, but stop more of the horrors popping up. Failing that, before you start carving, rub the fleshy side of pumpkin on your face (a bit like a toner) for a similar effect.

It drags dull skin out of glooms-ville. Cleeeve explains, ‘Pumpkin Enzymes loosen the ‘glue’ that holds the dead skin cells to the skin, gently exfoliating them off to brighten, soften and illuminate. It’s excellent for those who suffer from dull or tired skin.’


Not so spooky after all… 

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