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This is Spring in a glass
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Spring officially starts in the northern hemisphere at 10.28 on Monday 20th March. We. Cannot. Wait. We’re excited to pack away our winter coats, chuck our tights into the depths of our bottom drawers and dust off our sunglasses. Instagram feeds will soon be littered with pictures of blossom trees, blue skies and pub garden lunches accompanied by the crispest of rosé.

If you’re not feeling the change of season yet, perhaps you’re still wearing a beanie or refuse to be without your cashmere scarf, then might we suggest investing in this Jo Loves candle? Light it once and you won’t look back. It’s called Spring and boy of boy does it smell like it. It’s part Neroli Blossom, part Lime Cologne and part Petitgrain. Put one in every room of the house and be instantly transported to a flower market in the south of France. It’s a drastic step away from the deep, spicy candles you’ve probably had lit since October; it’s fresh, green, clean and we can’t get enough of it.

Don’t believe us? We challenge you to buy one right now and report back if it doesn’t make you feel lighter, brighter and spring-ier by Monday

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