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St.Tropez have dropped a new product and it’s AMAZING
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Tights… It’s a no from us. Yes it might be minus degrees outside, you’d ideally like to spend the next three months under a quilt and you haven’t shaved your legs since September – but this festive season, it’s all about limbs.

And not just a flash of them either; high gloss, full throttle shine (matte is dead, FYI). It caught our attention at the SS17 shows and we’ve been dying to get our hands on it ever since. Enter: St.Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss, which despite sounding like a highlighter, is in fact a wash-off instant tan. Tanning phobes don’t run for cover, this is super light – more of a golden tint but it gives an instant mega-watt shine. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

The prep

Here’s a welcome surprise - you don’t need any. Not a thing. This is less a tan, more of a finishing product so you can quickly buff it on before a Christmas party or last minute drinks. You can put it over your existing tan or wear alone for an instant lift.  

POW_ER Tip: It’s wash-off you’ve got nothing to lose. No commitment needed, give it a try.

Accentuate the good bits

‘Brush an extra layer of tan over collarbones, shoulders and shins (parts the light catches) to add subtle contouring which picks up beautifully under flash photography,’ explains Emma Kotch, St.Tropez’s Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert.  

POW_ER Tip: Even if you aren’t wearing tan, you can still brush it over these features  (a bit like a bronzing highlight) quickly before an event.

Top coat

If you’re already wearing a tan and just want to freshen it up, apply a coat of the gloss on top to zshosh it up a bit and add shine. 

POW_ER Tip: If you are applying a tan before, give your skin a quick exfoliate first. The smoother your skin, the more glossy and airbrushed finish you get.


It might not look like a standard tan but it’s still best to use a mitt. That way you can brush on an even colour without overloading. Work down your body then just brush remnants on the mitt over hands and feet – this won’t need as much product. 

POW_ER Tip: To reach your back, strap the mitt to a wooden spoon – it saves a lot of bathroom gymnastics. 

Good to glow ladies. It's available exclusivly online pre-Christmas. Now the real hard work starts – finding a Christmas party dress…

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