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The superfood supplements that actually work
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What makes a superfood, well, super? These foods are the ones packed with enough of the good stuff to be considered particularly beneficial to our wellbeing. Olympians of the food world, if you will.

That said, anyone that has tried juicing or kale crisps will know that packing enough superfoods into your diet when, let’s be honest, all you really crave is a cup of coffee and a Crunchie can be hard times.

Here's a way round it...step forward superfood supplements! The big sisters of your trusty multi-vitamin, these guys make being a 'super' devotee a little less of a struggle. Here’s what we rate….

VITL Greens (AKA the Strengthen-A-Tor)

POW ingredients: Maca, goji berries green tea and trio of B vitamins (the immune boosters).

They say: Iron, calcium and a trio of B vitamins give a serious energy boost whilst also batting off colds with immune boosting zinc and copper. Skin, hair and nails are also in for a treat with strengthening magnesium. You can mix it into water, add it to juices and smoothies, sprinkle it on your porridge or make cakes and brownies a little less naughty by baking with it.

We say: You wouldn’t think it (it’s bright green), but it tastes like vanilla. We tried this for breakfast, and successfully skipped the 11am slump where we'd normally be diving for the Cadbury’s. Skin looked much clearer and brighter after a few days and one of the Powder team declared she actually looked forward to drinking it in her juice (yes, she did just utter those words). They come in daily sachets too, so you can pop them in your bag if you’re on the go. Handy and easy to stick to.

Neal’s Yard Organic Greens Complex (AKA the Fixer)

POW ingredients: Spinach, chlorella, green tea, wild wrack seaweed, wheatgrass, barleygrass, oatgrass and parsley.

They say: This cocktail of supergreens promises to give skin a collagen boost (read: plumped, smoother skin) with a daily shot of vitamin C. A powerhouse of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, it detoxifies the body and supports your immune system too. You can mix it with water, juices, smoothies, or sprinkle it on salads.

We say: This one tastes very ‘green’ but bear with it. The ingredients are supercharged with iron, so expect to feel all wide eyed and awake throughout the day (perfect if you’re someone who is always tired). We also noticed that skin looked clearer and it did a great job of tackling recurring breakouts (even the dreaded chin spots seem to gradually disappear). What’s more, it even cured a white wine hangover. It’s a miracle.

Perricone MD Super Berry Supplement (AKA the Glow-In-A-Tor)

POW ingredients: Raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, acai and blackberry

They say: These super berries are jam-packed with antioxidants and work to fight skin cell inflammation to slow the ageing process and maintain healthy organ function. You can add it to smoothies, water or yoghurt – take your pick.

We say: If greens aren’t your thing, this one’s for you. Since it’s packed with berries, it’s much sweeter than the the green stuff (it actually tastes like sherbet) so it’s a win, win, to curb any sugar cravings. We found skin looked brighter and it does give a good energy boost as well as making you feel sharp and alert-  you might even find yourself able to forgo your usual morning coffee fix, who knew? These also come in sachets so they’re great to keep at your desk.

Bioglan Superfoods Energy Boost (AKA the Energiser)

POW ingredients: Cacoa powder, lucuma, hemp, maca root

They say: Bioglan have filled this with energy-boosting ingredients to help you feel more awake throughout the day (not in a ‘just had a coffee’ way – but a sustained energy that won’t crash). You can add it to juice, smoothies, yoghurt, cereal or bake with it.

We say: With 82% of your recommended daily iron intake, this stuff will have you quite literally whizzing about your day –  we felt much more energised and productive at work AND it curbed cravings. The cocao powder tastes like chocolate (ok, we won't go as far as to compare it to the real deal Chocolate Sprinkles) but there's no denying it's actually very good sprinkled on your breakfast cereal or smoothie.


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