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The surprising reason why your skin wrinkles in the bath
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When temperatures are plummeting outside, tucking up in a cosy bath until you turn into a shriveled prune is a necessary coping strategy. That and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, wearing knitted everything and browsing ‘winter sun’ holidays (with fantasy credit card limits) daily.

That aside, it turns out that ‘pruning’ is actually a very clever bodily function.

Your skin can only soak up so much water and when it reaches it’s limit it swells – creating creases. No longer to sustain any more water, the wrinkles tunnel water to run off skin - a bit like a river drainage system that channels water efficiently away (very VERY clever).  

Scientists believe that this stemmed from adaptation. As water is slippy, the ridges in primate’s fingers and toes gave them a stronger grip during wet conditions (whilst the only thing we’re gripping in the bath is a large chilled glass of something bubbly we’re v. grateful for biology for enabling this). 

Science lesson over – here’s 5 ways to have the most relaxing bath of your life:

1. Essential oils are – well – essential

Drop them into the bath as soon as you start running water. Rising steam as the bath gets full permeates scent to fill your whole bathroom. Take a deep breath in… and relax.

2. Head cushion

Roll up a hand towel and place in the nape of neck. This supports the weight of your head (the heaviest part of your body) so you feel truly weightless.

3. If you struggle to relax

Place your iPad on a ledge near your bath (the loo seat works well or a shelf) and load up Netflix. A make shift way for an A-list baths that have flat screen TV’s sliding out the base of the bath at the click of a button.

4. Salts

Put more than a handful of salts into every bath (ignore the suggested amount – the more the better). This helps drain lymphatic drainage and massages muscles. Tension = gone. 

5. Clean towels

Sparks the same reaction as sliding into clean sheets – clean (preferably warm) towels is the most heavenly end to a bath and make it feel really quite spa like.

We must now tell all friends of this fun new fact about why our skin wrinkles in the bath. Excuse us…

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