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The tans you need for summer
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Let’s bite the beauty bullet. Bare-leg season is here (don’t grimace – we’ve got this). Rather than styling out pasty legs or hitting up last year's bottle of fake tan – bad plan ladies, they’re an orange disaster waiting to happen after congealing through the winter months – we’ve tried the newest fake tans. But these aren’t your traditional mousse and mitt formulas though – major tannovations alert! Here’s what we rate and what we hate…


Tan: Sienna X High Intensity Tanning Express Tan:

For: the girl who’s bored of devoting (approximately) ¼ of their week to their tan regime

We say: one of our biggest bugbears with tanning is the waiting around in a sticky formula, clock-watching while it develops or sleeping in the stuff and turning our sheets terracotta. Not with this guy. Slap it on with a tanning mitt (the formula is pretty forgiving of streaks, so you don’t need to be too artful with your application) and wait for an hour. Yes an hour! That’s it. Then have a quick shower and you’re good to glow.

Rating: 5/5


Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant Skin Finish

For: the commitment phobe

We say: we’re well acquainted with the BB cream hype, but now there’s one for your body. It’ll give you some instant colour while covering up any marks and just making everything look altogether smoother. Plus, the wash-on wash-off formula and is ideal if you realise you’re looking a bit pasty last minute.

Rating: 3/5


By Terry Serum Terrybly Sunbooster

For: anyone who wants to get their skin and tan on fleek in one go

We say: our new favourite way to tan our face. Lazy girls, listen up - this serum/ tan hybrid gives us our bronzing and skincare fixes in one. It gives a really realistic colour but where it comes into its own is with how plump and healthy it leaves our skin the morning after we’ve put this on.

Rating: 4/5


St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion (new Golden Glow Medium shade)

For: the one with a memory like a seive

We say: when St Tropez brought out the first ever in-shower tan last summer, we got a tiny bit excited (okay, we stockpiled). You slather on the formula in the shower and then stand for three minutes (perfect timing to brush your teeth) before rinsing it off. We’re big fans of the subtle tone it gives and the lack of biscuit-y scent. And what’s even better is that this year they’ve released a darker shade for those of you who want a bit more oomph.

Rating: 4/5


Clarins Radiance Plus Body Golden Glow Booster

For: the girl whose regular tan makes them look like a reptile

We say: we think the word fool-proof gets a bit overused in the beauty world, but this stuff really deserves the label. It’s impossible to mess up. Just pop a few drops in your regular moisturiser and apply as normal. You’ll notice your tan build up in a really realistic way after a couple of days. Plus, you’re moisturising at the same time as tanning so you’ll never fall victim to any scaly patches. Winner.

Rating: 5/5

Go for gold, ladies!

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