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3 tooth whitening products that actually work
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I think we can all agree that a bright white smile is a pretty good thing. It makes you look healthier, a bit more attractive and a lot happier and what’s not to love about a product that makes you look like a ray of sunshiney light when you walk into the room? The problem is that a lot of dental products in any chemist or online forum prove to be a bit of a minefield; what does it do? Does it work? Is it worth the money? We’re here to let you in on the ones we tried and tested that really do what they say. Here they are:

  1. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush, £119.99

This toothbrush is a triumph for tooth-kind. A minimal white design makes it ridiculously sleek and hard not to gravitate towards but, shallowness aside, this is also a tool that’s as hard working as it is good looking. Philips promises that it will remove up to seven times more plaque and 100 per cent more stains than your average manual brush and while we’re usually pretty skeptical of the ‘stats’, it all seems to add up with this one.

It’s got a few different modes that alter how the brush cleans your teeth; Clean, White, Polish, Sensitive and Gum Care. Even on Clean, teeth look whiter, but you’ll really see a difference on the White and Polish modes. While it won’t take teeth from brown to Hollywood white, it will get your mouth in peak condition and boost brightness the healthiest way there is.

  1. Pearl Drops Instant Boost Daily Whitening, £5

This toothpaste is the jazz hands of all tooth products. It’s pink for starters and contains ‘natural pearls’ that, combined with the crazy pink paste and other polishing ingredients, add a pearlescent dimension to the tooth to make it look whiter. The best part? This optical whitening lasts all day. It also helps lift stains and remove yellowing plaque. The jury’s out on whether it strengthens your enamel as Pearl Drops claim (is it even scientifically possible?) but it’s definitely one for a shiny, white smile, if only for the evening.

  1. Diamond Whites Home Whitening Kit, £39.99

Not as effective as in-clinic whitening, but with very similar tools - a mouldable mouth tray (some DIY fun) and a non-peroxide whitening formula (meaning no sensitivity). Use over a couple of weeks for a brighter, whiter smile. Ideal for those who already take good care of their teeth – it’s not going to lift mountains of plaque, just surface stains – see it as a way to pep up dulled teeth.

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