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It’s time. Time to get rid of your winter body. This means a few things. It means upping the number of times you go to the gym, it means opting for the salad bar rather than the jacket potato station and it means sloughing away all the dead skin with a body scrub. Not only will using a body exfoliator help with circulation to get your blood pumping after a fairly stagnant winter, but it will also remove dead skin to reveal a perkier new you underneath.

A scrub is a scrub at the end of the day, but these ones are particular favourites:

Best body scrub #1

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub – If you haven’t heard of Frank Body, where have you been guys? The Australian brand launched their coffee scrubs into the UK a couple of years ago and people have been going nuts for them on Instagram. They come in foil packets, just like your actual ground coffee does and when you open them up the smell hits you straight away. It’s mixed in with sea salt for extra exfoliation, cold-pressed sweet almond oil that hydrates and improves your skin texture, so your body looks super slick and smooth afterwards. Oh and did we mention that caffeine is excellent at beating the dreaded orange peel that takes up residence on our thighs? Prepare yourself though, it’s really bloody messy.





Best body scrub #2

Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub – This scrub is beautiful; it smells of jasmine (we’re not sure if there’s a flower out there that smells better) and it’s just excellent at getting rid of dry skin. That’s probably because it has five different exfoliants in it – Pink Himalayan Salt, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Cranberry Fibers, Apricot Seed Powder and Organic Sugar. The only downfall is the heavy glass jar that it comes in – DO NOT DROP IT IN THE SHOWER. You have be warned.

Best body scrub #3

Origins Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub – If you struggle to wake up in the morning, then you need this scrub. The ginger scent is so energising you’ll leap out of the shower with a spring in your step. Plus once you work the scrub in it becomes this soothing thick lather that’s dreamy on dry skin.





Best body scrub #4

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub – This is one of Aesop’s newest products and we’re already completely obsessed. (And so are our boyfriends, which is really really annoying as we seem to have a lot less every time we get into the shower.) We can’t decide what our favourite thing about this is. Either the intoxicating smell of Pine Needles, Sage and Clove, or the combo of finely milled pumice and bamboo that is so good at removing dead skin that you actually look forward to doing it.

After you're scrubbed up, you'll want to follow with a body cream. These are our favourites...

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