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There are so many new ways to wear fragrance nowadays – heavily scented body cream (a la Aerin), perfumed powder and hello, have you seen the Hermes wipes that you can keep in your handbag for quick fragrance boost? DIVINE. Gone are the days of purely spritzing your fave scent and heading out the door. Smelling good has never been so easy. And this trend is going nowhere anytime soon - we’ve noticed a huge increase in brands launching hair mists.

No longer just a cheap alternative to the real deal, these hair perfumes are chic, smell beautiful and can last longer, because your hair is more porous, so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly. If you’re skeptical, thinking ‘well why don’t I just spray my regular fragrance all over my hair?’ first of all, stop being negative and second of all, think again. Hair perfumes contain much less alcohol, meaning they don’t dry your hair out or damage your colour. Jo Malone’s Star Magnolia version sold out in three weeks. I wasn’t even able to try one as there aren’t any left in the country. . We like to pop ours in our gym bags, for those mornings when we don’t have time to wash our hair after a HIIT class. And as we make our way into summer, these mists offer a lighter, fresher option to the typically heavier fragrances.

Don’t trust us? Why not have a look at our list of favourites. If it’s good enough for Chanel…

Miu Miu Perfumed Hair Mist

This is a much lighter version of their eponymous fragrance and it’s delicious – it’s a little bit green and floral, thanks to the lily of the valley, and a lot peppery. This makes for a good combo and is actually quite addictive. Looks good in the bathroom too.

Chanel No5 The Hair Mist

Oh guys, this is great. A Chanel hair fragrance. It smells exactly like the original No5. It doesn’t get much better. Oh and this costs £38, whereas the actual perfume starts at £74. And look at how beautiful the bottle is as well.


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Maison Francis Kurkdijan Amyris Femme Hair Mist

This is like summer in a bottle. It’s so delicious and with one whiff you’re walking the streets of Paris in June, holding hands with a delicious looking person, skipping along the Seine in a Breton top, denim skirt with a basket swinging by your side. There’s a matching body oil too, double up for full on scent.

SachaJuan Protective Hair Perfume

Even the hairstylists are getting on board with the trend. Not only does SachaJuan’s Protective Hair Perfume smell lovely, but actually works as a styling product as well – it moisturises the hair, stops static in its tracks and actually gives hair UV protection.


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Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist

We think that white flower fragrances are the height of sophistication and this tuberose doesn’t disappoint. It’s so stunning that you simply must buy it as your summer scent.

Byredo Hair Perfume

The brand that started the trend in our opinion. When Byrdeo launced their hair perfumes in 2015, everyone took notice - brands and consumers. It was an alternative way to wear their scents and people loved them. So much so, that on July 20th they’re launching 30ml bottles so that people can carry one in every single bag. There are six in total in some of the brand's best selling scents.

What are you waiting for? It's time to choose your favourite.

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