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3 tried and tested spot treatments that actually work
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Is there actually anything more annoying or painful than a huge, throbbing spot? Or any kind of spot for that matter? It’s up there with stubbing your toe, accidental autocorrect and forgetting to pick up a fork on your lunch break. Spots, however, hold a special place on the annoyance spectrum. They can linger around for days (or even weeks) on end and they can leave you with an aftermath of scaring – even if you do resist squeezing. It’s so unfair.

When you’re in the throe of a spot-attack, it helps to know what kind of blemish you’re dealing with and how to prevent and treat them. But for a quick fix, look no further than these tried and tested spot-busters.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion £15

This sought-after product has a loyal following thanks to its cult status. As it’s name suggests, it dries out any pus-filled spots and help to bring down redness and swelling associated with those lingering under the skin spots. How does it work? The small bottle holds a clear liquid with a pink sediment at the bottom, which you pick up with a cotton bud and dab directly on to the spot. It contains a winning combo of zinc oxide, salicylic acid, sulfur and hydrating glycerin to draw out sebum without drying out your skin. As the treatment isn’t clear this one is best applied overnight, but it will shrink your spot overnight, so it’s worth it.

POWER_TIP: If you have squeezed a spot – avoid applying this one on broken skin. As it dries out the skin, it’ll only enhance any tears or rips on your spot. Instead, save this one for spots that have just appeared and it’ll work a treat. If you have popped a spot, try one of the ones below.


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La Roche Posay Effaclar AI Breakout Corrector £12

When it comes to troubled skin, you can always, always count on La Roche Posay. Not only does this bring down a spot pronto, but thanks to niacinamide, it promotes the skin’s regeneration process to prevent and treat the scarring too. This cream is easily absorbed into the skin so you can easily follow up with make-up if you want to and a tube will last you a very long time – you don’t need much. It can diffuse everything from a whitehead to an unsightly cystic-type spot. It’ll soon become a staple in your skincare regime.

Murad Blemish Control Rapid Relief Spot Treatment £17

We recently went to a Murad launch and Dr Murad himself told us this could take down a spot in 4 hours – and it does. Perfect for emergency spot situations (they usually arise before photo opportunities, don’t they?) this invisible gel feels instantly cooling on inflamed spots and because it’s transparent and dries quickly, you can apply this before make-up and on top of it too – it won’t peel or flake off. It forms a protective layer over the blemish to take control of the situation at hand (or on your chin, as it may be) and bring down any inflammation. It contains salicylic acid to clear any gunk, while pine, oat and chestnut extracts battle the redness. Job. Done.

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