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This week, I’m getting excited about the purse-friendly alternative to a bestselling Chanel foundation, the skincare product that I think everyone should add into their routines and the body spray that’s keeping me in summer.

M&S Hydrating Confidence Boost Foundation, £16

Confidence Boost Foundation? That’s a bold promise, eh? Whilst I can’t guarantee that your confidence levels will soar wearing this, I can attest to how beautiful it feels on the skin. It’s incredibly light, but not sheer; you can build up it up for more coverage. It’s really watery, which sounds weird, but means that it glides onto skin and works wonders if you suffer from dehydrated skin. It’s super moisturising and doesn’t gather in dry patches. If I’m completely honest, it’s a little bit like Chanel’s Vitalumière Aquaultra-Light Skin Perfecting Foundation, but at a fraction of the price. Win, win.

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster, £25

I think everyone should buy this product. Here’s why: it’s suitable for all skin types – even those who are super sensitive, because made up of only 11 ingredients; it drenches the skin in hydration, which plumps up the skin making you look ‘can-I-check-your-ID-please?’ young; it creates a shield against pollution, which hello, is everywhere and is one of the biggest causes of premature aging; it helps strengthen your skin’s barrier function making sure it keeps the nasties out and it absorbs at lightening speed, so doesn’t add too much time to your daily routine. Buy it now.

Diptyque Du Son Body Mist, £40

I’m desperately clinging on to summer. And I’m doing it with this in-cred-i-ble body spray. Du Son smells of the deepest, richest tuberose and one whiff transports me to a far-flung beach. It’s not a moisturising spray, this is purely fragrant. My advice is to douse yourself in it post shower, focusing on your arms and neck, and then skip your normal perfume. Hold it from a fair distance away so as not to completely gas out the office. Dreamy.

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