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Nail Notes
They’ve done what with nail polish?
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You think there’s nowhere to go with nail polish. The only room for originality is square bottle or round – glass bottle or plastic. That was until Nails Inc went and brought out an aerosol nail polish! The question is: is it just completely bonkers?  Absolutely. But totally brilliant? You bet. It’s a complete game-changer – we haven’t had this much joy with a launch in years.

So how does it actually work?

Step 1: Apply your base coat as you normally would. Unfortunately you can’t skip this step like usual – the spray polish sticks to the base coat and needs the grip.

Step 2: Shake the can (it clicks like spray paint) and then spritz about 10 cm away from the nails.

Step 3: To make your mani last longer add a top coat as you would normally and wait for that to dry before…

Step 4: …wiping off the excess product from around your fingers with a wet wipe or warm soapy water.

We did, of course, have a few hesitations – considering how much effort we put into not messing up our nails, and God forbid getting any polish onto our cream carpet, forgive us for thinking the idea of spraying the stuff everywhere sounds positively lethal.

So after giving it a go here’s what we found:

The pretty truths

  • It is the fastest manicure you will ever have. You literally spray it all over your nails, and it doesn’t matter if it goes all over your fingers. We’re talking seconds to paint them all.
  • You don’t have to do cack-handed painting with your left hand. Spraying is SO much easier to master the ‘other’ hand.
  • The coat is much more even (goodbye blobby nails!).
  • As it dries in seconds, there is less room for smudge error. Essential.
  • Despite it looking like it would be messy – it’s actually the easiest mani we’ve ever done. Genius.

The ugly truths

  • You aren’t exempt from using base and topcoat – you still have to put these on too. But it makes the polish last so much longer so why wouldn’t you?
  • This is not a carpet friendly option. We repeat, this is not a carpet friendly option! If you insist on doing it on your living room floor then put newspaper everywhere. The bathroom tiles are a much safer bet. 
  • At the moment you can only get it in two shades, but watch this space…
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