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“Pigmentation is the devil,” they say. “Pigmentation is nasty sun damage,” they holler. We get it - wear SPF, stay out of the midday sun and don’t ever go on a sunbed for fear of pigmentation. But…

Aren’t freckles super cute? I get them on my shoulders, my nose and my forehead and you know what? I love them. #sorrynotsorry I know I should be using a vitamin c serum to blast them into oblivion, but every time I look at them in the mirror they put a little smile on my face. But…

I am also a beauty editor, who cares about my skin and should practice what I preach. And so I do put an SPF on every day, and stay out of the midday sun and never go on a sunbed.

So what is a gal to do? This gal grabs Topshop’s Freckle Pencil and draws them on herself. It’s a marbled brown, black soft pencil that looks natural and doesn't harm your skin. It’s a complete and utter no brainer.

You'll need a base for your freckles - find your foundation here...

What are you waiting for?Find base

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