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The trick that knocks years off your face
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You might have spent more on your skincare than your mortgage this month (we’ve all been there…) but there is quicker way to shave off the years and, surprisingly, it’s not found in a bottle.

As you get older, it’s not just your skin that gets thinner - your hair does too (isn’t ageing a peach?). By cutting hair to give the illusion of thickness (ratty ends have gotta go), your hairstyle will make you look more youthful immediately rather than having to wait for your retinols and curcuminoids to perform.

‘Cutting your hair so that you have softer layers to frame your chin will lift your face, show off your cheek bones and soften your jaw line – all of which are of course very flattering’, explains Craig Taylor, Creative Director of Hari’s Hair Salon. ‘Shorter shaping and some layering makes the hair lighter in weight, which gives it good texture and won’t drag your skin down,’ Taylor continues.

Here are Taylor’s golden rules: 

DO consider your face shape. Just because you show your hairdresser a picture of Blake Lively doesn’t mean they can change your hair, face shape and age so you leave looking exactly like her. Look for what will suit you – the best haircuts are the ones that are carefully thought out.

DO go for blunt cut to make hair appear thicker and healthier (no fancy chopping into the ends here).

DON’T let your hair get too long or too wispy. Cutting your hair regularly gives it body and fullness. Blunt ends, shape and shine are key to keeping your hair and yourself looking younger. Have a haircut that suits your hair and your lifestyle (if you’re staring at the screen blankly your hairstylist can help you figure this out).

DON’T have one length hair. It drags your face down (and down…) – be brave and get some layers in there.

Chop chop – the salon’s waiting!

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