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The UK’s bestselling beauty products are all under £10
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There are some incredible beauty products in the world. Have you tried Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor? Unbelievably good. But at £36 a pop, it’s quite an investment. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer makes us look like we’ve been on a two-week holiday in Miami, even if we’ve been sat inside in rainy London. But again, it costs £24.50, so we have to wait for payday. But what if we told you that the UK’s top five most popular beauty products* all leave you with change from a £10 note? Sometimes, the bargain buys are the best…

  1. Vaseline Lip Therapy Original, £1.95

There’s not a handbag in town that doesn’t have a small blue and white tin rattling around at the bottom of it. A firm favourite, this lip balm soothes lips, moisturises cuticles and costs under £2.

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original, £2.99

What on earth did we do before this wonder product came into our lives? Not only does it allow us to take a few more days in-between hair washes, but it also lift hair at the root to give extra volume and texture. We’re totally obsessed.

  1. Bio-Oil, £5.99

Tell a person that you’ve got stretch marks on your tummy or a new scar developing and they’ll tell you straight away to go and buy Bio-Oil. It’s no wonder that this is the UK’s favourite nourishing skin oil. Formulated with vitamin a and e, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and chamomile oil, it is proven to reduce the appearance of these pesky skin lines, as well as moisturising dry skin.

  1. Radox Feel Uplifted Shower Gel, £1

We don’t know about you, but we really don’t see the point in spending tonnes of money on shower gel and it seems like the rest of the UK agrees. Radox’s Uplift Shower Gel is exactly what you want for a morning shower – it’s scented like zingy grapefruit so wakes you up before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

  1. Dove Original Beauty Cream Soap Bar, 50p

We buy it, just like our parents did, and our grandparents before that and our great grandparents before that… Is a house a home, without a bar of Dove Cream soap in the bathroom? We don’t think so.

*research done by voucherbox.co.uk

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