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Is this £3.99 eyeliner better than Urban Decay’s?
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Eyeliner has always taken a backseat in my make-up routine. I don’t blame the liners – it’s just that my eyes are very sensitive and my eyes stream at the slightest gust of wind. Whenever I’ve attempted to define my eye or a feline-flick, it inevitably ends up smudging, blurs away or ends up somewhere on my lids – just ask my mates after a night out.

So, I’ve set myself a challenge to find, not just a great eyeliner, but one that can handle and not aggravate my sensitive eye issues. It’s a lot to ask, but I’ve chosen two industry favourites to test, so I have high hopes. On the blow the budget end, I’ve picked Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion at £15.50 and in the budget corner, I’ve tested Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Kohl Liner at £3.99. Without further ado…

The best kohl liner

Blow-the-budget buy: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion, £15.50

The colour: Blacker than your ex’s heart, quite frankly. It’s deep, dark and not for wusses.

The formula: Very creamy upon first application, but it soon settles down, so it won’t smudge around your eyes (unless you want it to). It has a slight satin finish to it and joy, oh, joy, it’s waterproof.

Versatility: It doesn’t drag on the skin and is gentle enough to use on your waterline. Sturdy enough for precise lining, but also has sultry-smudging abilities for a smoky eye.        

Lasting power: This didn’t budge when I tried it out on my upper lash line and it barely moved all day on my waterline – impressive.


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Bargain buy: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Kohl Liner in Black, £3.99

The colour: A sooty black – nice and dark.

The formula: On first appearance this looks like it could be a hard pencil, but it’s actually softer than it looks and glides on smoothly. It has a matte finish and is waterproof, which can only be good for my watery eyes.

Versatility: It’s resilient enough that it won’t crumble, yet it’s not too soft that it smudges around needlessly. If Goldilocks were using it, she’d say it’s juuuust right. Easy enough to fill in the waterline or for creating a cracking smoky eye.

Lasting power: After 12 hours of wear it was still going strong when I wore it on my upper lids. On the waterline, however, it didn’t survive as well and completely disappeared.

The verdict: First things first, both formulas were hardy enough to withstand my watery eyes – success. However, the colour pay-off and lasting power of Urban Decay’s is unrivalled. Whether I went for a smoky eye, classic upper lid line or a quick swipe along my lower waterline, it kept on giving. The only downfall for Rimmel’s kohl liner is it’s staying power – it just can’t compete with Urban Decay.

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