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> oily skin should clean their skin until it’s tight, using products that are stripping enough to get rid of every last speck of bacteria. A myth, it is."/>
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Why even oily skins should be using an oil
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One of the biggest self-perpetuating myths in the world of girls is that those with oily skin should clean their skin until it’s tight, using products that are stripping enough to get rid of every last speck of bacteria. A myth, it is. Actually, the more you use astringent formulas and harsh scrubs on oily or acne-prone skin, the more oil it will subsequently produce to combat the Saharan desert you’ve created on your own face. The answer? Using oils within your skincare routine. Created in the UK, Votary is a brilliant line of facial oils and should be your first port of call when exploring the wonderful world of oils.

What you need to know

Votary is created by British makeup artist, Arabella Preston, the woman behind Kate Middleton’s wedding makeup and an ex beauty editor; basically, she knows her stuff. The idea was to harness the relatively ignored natural ingredients that come from plants, whether that be fruit, veg or flowers, and blend them to create these formulas. From cleansing oils to oil serums, every one of them is one hundo per cent natural; there are no filler ingredients, common in skincare, nor mineral oils nor unnecessary preservatives, either. What’s more is every formula has been blended by Arabella herself, rather than being bought from a manufacturer, as can be the way even in natural skincare.

There are myriad different oils out there but what I love about this skincare range – aside from the above – is that they’re not thick, viscous oils that take ages to submerge into skin. I have oily skin myself and have seen and felt the benefits of using a few oils in my routine. That said, if it’s too thick, it feels wrong applying it. These are very easily absorbed and smell great too.


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What products to buy

I’ve already mentioned the benefits an oil can have on oily skin, but it’s also probably more common knowledge that they ‘re fantastic on other skin types, too. They’ll deeply nourish and rehydrate dry skin and balance out those skins that are a bit of both. The line also comprises different oils for different skin types. The best all-rounder is the Rose Geranium and Apricot cleansing oil, £45. All you need is 4 to 5 drops, rub between your hands and then apply directly to dry skin, massaging in. Then wash off with a face cloth. I also love the Super Seed Facial Oil, £70, as it’s helped smooth my skin out as well as bringing back a radiance I’ve not been able to achieve with much else. If you’re spot-prone, try the Blemish Rescue Oil, £35, as it also contains salicylic acid to help take them down.

Where to get them? Exclusively at Liberty or on their website.

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