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We’ve found the best mascara for sensitive eyes
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Ladies with sensitive eyes, question: how many times have you shelled out for a schnazzy new mascara that promises to offer a long lasting formula of volume, the deepest shade of black and extreme curl, only for your eyes to react with itchiness and tears?

Yep, us too. Until now. La Roche Posay (if you don’t know this brand then you ought to – they’re the leaders in sensitive skin) have brought out three mascaras especially for those who need their eye makeup up with a side of TLC.


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Respectissme is their range of eye-friendly mascaras, all at £16. There’s a waterproof one – handy for swimming and re-watching Saving Private Ryan, one for big voluminous lashes – excellent for coy flirting, and one for a more defined look – for everyday glamour. The pigments in each are purified to avoid irritation and contain an anti-tears formula, which means you’ll stop crying for no reason (don’t worry, you’ll still be able to ball your eyes out when Tom Hanks enters enemy lines). When you cleanse them off at night, they pretty much melt away meaning that you don’t have to tug at the delicate skin under your eyes, causing more damage.

They’ve cleverly paired their research into caring formulas with reliable cosmetic results. Our favourite? The Respectissime Volume Mascara - it coats each lash individually and lasts all day. What more do you want?

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