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The salts that help treat eczema
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It’s autumn; high time we all got back to creating the most elaborate, relaxation-inducing baths around. This week I take it back to basics – the sea of course – and indulge you in a brand that offers simple salts that do everything from soften and soothe angry, dry or eczema-prone skin to infusing the bloodstream with relaxation (cheers magnesium). A long soak is always what the doctor ordered.

What you need to know

Not one for those who like their salts elaborately packaged – these are big, satisfying plastic pouches - Westlab is a family-started company that saw the skin and body benefits of pure mineral salts and ran with it.

What they initially wanted to achieve was simply to manage their son’s eczema naturally – no mean feat – and once they’d learnt that salt baths really did work, it became a case of making well-sourced, good quality, magnesium-rich salts available to everyone: Westlab was born.

The products to try

Bath time is infinitely more fun when you’ve got different ingredients to mix in, so mix and match all of the below to make bath time that little bit more bespoke.

Epsom salts which - fun fact, come from Surrey after a farmer noticed that his cows refused to drink from magnesium-rich waters (too bitter bro) – are great for easing out and repairing stiff muscles. Basically, if you like your exercise (or you don't and get stiff at the thought of it), you need these. They also sell Magnesium Flakes with are pretty much the same thing and perfect for those that are easily stressed and/or need a helping hand sleeping.

If you’re on a ‘cleanse’, hungover or just want to help detoxify your body from hectic city life, Himalayan Salts are your guys. These pink salts are extremely mineral rich – think calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, the list goes on – which our skin literally laps up. Bathing in them helps pull out toxins and they prevent dehydration, too.

Eczema, psoriasis, or other skin maladies? You need regular baths in Dead Sea Salts as they can help relieve the itching, scaling, redness and inflammation. In healthier skins, regular baths in these will boost skin quality and tone and help keep them healthy. To really maximize the treatment, use 500 KG of the salts (seems a lot, but it's necessary) and soak for at least 20 minutes in a not-too-hot, warm bath. Afterwards, don’t rub the skin dry – instead, pat it dry and then seal moisture in with an emollient cream or oil.

Where you can buy

Westlab, Boots, Amazon, Holland & Barrett or Superdrug

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