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What are humectants?
What are humectants? Image Credit:

There is so much beauty terminology flying around and despite many of us parroting exactly what we’ve read/ heard, it’s tricky to understand what these ingredients actually do and how they go about their business.

So we’ve made it simple. Humectants is a word that gets spouted almost as much as we British say ‘sorry’ (which is all the time. Everywhere. Even when it’s not our fault) but it’s time to shed some light…

So what the dickens is it?

‘Humectants couldn’t help themselves around Flirty Flora’s dry skin. How could they resist, right?’

Humectants are like magnets that attract moisture to the skin, grad hold of it and hold it there to stop it escaping. This moisture then repairs dry flaky skin and soothes irritation too.

Who needs them?

Dry, flaky skin sufferers – humectants should be your best mate. Also in winter when skin is a little drier than usual, we switch up our moisturiser for one with humectants in.

Where do we find them?

To scoff: Not this one folks

To smother: Moisturisers are the biggie – you can also find the chaps in some face masks

When should it go on our face?

Any time of day (we use it throughout the day if skin is feeling particularly dry) and the straggling winter months when skin is weather-beaten.

Avoid it…

Never! This is something everyone can benefit from whether you have the driest skin or acne – it needs hydration (and this doesn’t make a moisturiser greasy).

Up next week… Retinol.


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