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What to do if you burnt yesterday
What to do if you got sunburnt yesterday Image Credit:

If you’re one of the 90% of pink faces we spotted on the tube this morning (we’re guilty too!) then let Powder be your helping hand. Summer has finally graced us with her ever-fleeting presence, and if you adopted the ‘it’ll go brown tomorrow’ mantra over the weekend and fried your pale British skin, we’ve got just the tips for you…

1. Apply SPF

A little too late you might be thinking, but just because you’ve already burnt doesn’t mean you’re exempt from any further skin damage. You haven’t ‘used up’ your burn capacity per-se. Skin will continue to fry, so slather on some SPF like your mama told you. A high factor too preferably.

2. Aloe vera!

Ah, our old friend we get back in touch with about this time of year. Aloe vera isn’t just a cooling agent but an anti-inflammatory too to draw out heat. Apply liberally and frequently (oh and share with the person next to you – they need it!).

3. Stay hydrated

Bad sunburn causes your blood vessels to dilate (meaning all the water escapes). A cool beer might have done yesterday but today it's pints of water. Water-based food help too – vegetables such as tomatoes and celery have over 90% water content - that’s much more concentrated than bottles of water - so hydrates the cells quicker.

4. Yoghurt masks are a thing

This is one for when you get home later – probiotic yoghurt is not only cooling but helps to restore the skin’s barrier (which is blasted to pieces when burnt). Slather it on.

5. Try (really hard) to stay out of the sun

Not for good – but give your skin a couple of days before you bask (which shouldn’t be a problem for most if you’re cooped up in your office anyway).

But let’s focus on the positive – summer has arrived!

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